Made in France & Rack ta Board
From the beginning of the project, the Made in France has taken an important place. The idea was simple for us, to design products and also manufacture them in France so that our project makes sense. Both in terms of creation and eco-responsibility.

We work with trustworthy companies that can guarantee us noble and quality materials while guaranteeing a complete transparency on their origin.

Rack Ta Board is 90% Made in France. It is calculated on the cost of products, with the percentage for each item, materials, labor with the origin of each.

Our products are manufactured in our workshop in Saint-Malo.

Materials we use
Every day, Rack Ta Board makes every effort to study and reduce the environmental impact of the materials used, from their procurement to their design and recycling.


The main material for Rack Ta Board products is birch wood in the form of plywood. This wood comes from a reasoned European forestry exploitation (1 tree cut, 2 replanted) and from an increased forestry follow-up. It is FSC & PEFC** certified. The wood is processed on site into plywood to reduce the environmental impact*.


Cork is the second most used material for us. It is harvested and processed in the Landes, by a family company. We apply a double-sided film to it to ensure it stays on our products. It protects your boards and is 100% natural.


The fasteners we use for Rack Ta Board products are optional, made of recycled and recyclable plastic. These ropes and hooks are made on demand in France to limit the environmental impact.


The 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging used to transport our products is made in France in the Loire region and comes from certified companies.

*Birch wood is a 100% recyclable material and according to our research and development over 3 years, it is the material that guarantees the best technical, aesthetic, environmental and sustainable characteristics for our products.

  • The glue used for the plywood is based on biological lignin from tree resin. This allows us to guarantee a solvent-free and chemical-free plywood.
  • It is covered with a film that protects it, gives it specific characteristics and a very aesthetic appearance while guaranteeing recycling.
  • It can be used outside because the plywood is certified CTBX exterior***.
  • It is transformed in our workshop in Saint Malo.

**PEFC and FSC certifications are standards for sustainably managed forests.
***CTB-X EXTERNAL plywood certifies that the plywood panels on which it is affixed comply with requirements that are greater than or equal to the specifications for outdoor use defined in standard NF EN 636-3.