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Today we’re heading to Morbihan where we’re going to meet Maxime, manager of Tahe Outdoors Store. Tahe Outdoors is a brand that replaced BIC 5 years ago, Bic being one of the first board manufacturers in the world. TAHE is a brand born from the merger of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors, two legendary companies that have been passionate about water sports for decades. BIC Sport brings industrial expertise, the culture of sliding and pleasure on the water, Tahe Outdoors, the commitment and know-how of kayakers and companies in Northern Europe. The result is a new brand dedicated to the pleasures of sliding on the water with family or friends for all levels of practice.

ImageWho are you? (Short presentation of the shop, the team, start of activity, location etc.)

Hello to the RTB Team.
Maxime, Manager of the Tahe Outdoors Store and more than 20 years in the board sports business. This last one proposes on more than 350m2 of the Universe of glide type SUP, Surf, wingfoil, windsurf, kayak, various accessories and neoprene for all the people. From beginners to advanced and for all budgets. All this on a flagship store concept, i.e. by offering all the products
and the Brands we distribute in the Tahe Outdoors group. (Tahe, SIC Maui, Zegul, Egalis). The shop was opened in April 2019 so 3 and ½ years now. You can find us along the expressway between Vannes and Auray. In the ZA du Kénéah, the 2 mills in the commune of Ploeren (56880). Ideally located between the Rhuys peninsula, the Gulf of Morbihan and the Quiberon peninsula.

Image How would you describe your shop? (Concept, values etc.)

A Pro shop that brings together all the values of the Tahe Outdoors group and the brands we represent, namely: “Endless Play Time” and “Bound by Water”. We strongly emphasize the value of the products coming out of our factory a few miles from the shop. Proximity, short circuit, eco-responsible products, quality of French production, etc… Of course there are also products coming from outside that we want to be as efficient, sustainable and reasonable as possible in terms of price. Tahe Outdoors Store is one of the largest and busiest all-inclusive shops in Area 56. We also share RTB’s values of local and eco-designed craftsmanship.

Image What is a typical day at Tahe Outdoors Store?

Customer reception, advice, sales, product orders, mailing, phoning, writing quotations, mail order, management of social networks… There is no shortage of work 😉

ImageHow do you store your boards in your shop?

Mainly in racks or on trestles and easels for large pieces. Wall-mounted and pins for accessories. Also on the front of some pieces.

ImageWhat is your favourite/most useful model at Rack Ta Board?

Most of the furniture I have made with Tom is custom-made. I call him, he comes to the shop, we discuss the project and the plans, he gives me a quote, I accept it and we adjust it if necessary and he comes to assemble or install them. My favourite is the wing foil parts display. Practical, modular and above all very beautiful 🙂

Image How did you hear about Rack Ta Board?

I found out about the brand through social networks and word of mouth about Tom’s excellent work.

Image On a personal note, what made you want to start surfing and when did you start?

It was more than 25 years ago (and yes I’m 42 today…), I don’t remember much 😉  Probably the spirit of freedom, the cool attitude and the non-conformism of the activity at that time 🙂 . Coming from a skateboarding background and living close to the waves it was the logical next step to surf the ocean. I did not stop any more with in parallel other nautical and sporting activities in general.

ImageIf you had to choose only one place on earth to surf/skate it would be?

California Love ! Huntington Beach or Venice Beach ! Sunshine, palm trees, the Spirit of California, shops, shaping workshops
waves, surfing… In short, the dream 😉

ImageWhat is your favourite surfing spot in your life?

The right side of Port Louis in Gwada is pretty crazy when it walks from the Point to the cemetery 😉

ImageA final word?

Thanks to Tom and the whole team for these beautiful, practical and solid products. Don’t hesitate to come to the shop to discover us. And of course follow our activities on our social networks Facebook and Instagram

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