I am a surfer, you are probably surfers, kitesurfers, skateboarders… we share the same passion: Surfing.
It seems obvious to me to share the story of Rack Ta Board with you in all transparency!
Thanks to all the people who helped and supported me in this project!

MD (500 sur 1)-2-min
Beginning of autumn 2017
Like every surfer, kitesurfer, wakeboarder… I was looking for an efficient way to store my boards. That’s where this project came from, to create practical, aesthetic and evolving “rack” storage systems for all the board sports practiced in the world.

The watchwords I had set myself to start this adventure were to offer a practical, fun, easy to assemble, move and store product, modular but above all made in France and respectful of the environment.

I worked on the design of various racks: cardboard, plastic, aluminium and then wood where I carried out my best tests. I have surrounded myself with friends and the best in the field of wood, cork, rope, design and cutting, to implement my achievements, calculations and tests!

All this has committed us for more than two years to offer you quality products, respectful of the environment, artisanal, designed & manufactured in France with an accessible and fair price!

You can find all our products in our partner shops all over France and Europe, on the competitions or the various events that we can cover but also via our website.

Why the name Rack ta Board?


A rack is a form designed to store


Ta is the French touch


Board the name that is most often given
to our boards

We hope to provide you with an effective storage solution with our entire range of Rack Ta Board products.
Information about all racks and the brand can be found on our website and on social networks.
Do not hesitate to come to me or to the future team that will compose
Rack Ta Board for any questions, projects, partnerships or even advice, aloha!