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Some questions to : Alternative SurfShop

This week Matthieu Bouyssy gave us his time to talk about Alternative Surf Shop, located in Mimizan, Landes (40). Surf Shop committed to the protection of the environment and shop of eco-responsible articles.

ImageWho are you? (Short presentation of the shop, the team, start of activity, location etc.)

Mathieu opened the Alternative in May 2019, the shop was not yet a surf shop but a boutique selling French and eco-friendly brands. In May 2022, Matthieu opened a second shop to separate the two sectors of activity and open the alternative surf shop and Coralie joined the adventure to assist Matthieu in the surf shop.

ImageHow would you describe your shop? (Concept, values etc.)

Alternative and eco-responsible shop with a majority of French brands, made in France, and always eco-friendly articles. You will find a technical part with eco-designed surfboards, as well as wetsuits, leashes, pads, bodyboards, fins, waxes and eco-responsible accessories and a textile part where you will find mainly the brand Picture Organic.

ImageWhat is a typical day at Alternative Surfshop?

Opening of the shop at 10am under the Landes sun, taking out the rental surfboards, the racks, the banner and the mannequins. A quick coffee and morning before going for a bite to eat and a coffee, to get you going for the afternoon. A surf session at the break and preparation for the night.

single vertical display and rack ta board with squid boards

Présentoir Vertical Simple and Chevalet Rack Ta Board with boards SQUID Surfboards

ImageHow do you store your boards in your shop?

With Rack Ta Board racks: on two wall racks for boards for sale, and on displays for exhibition or rental boards, and 3 Simple Vertical Displays for displaying beautiful showcase boards. And a wall rack in the cabin. And the easel in front of the shop.

ImageWhat is your favourite/most useful model at Rack Ta Board?

Favourite model: the practical easel for setting up a board and waxing it, or cool for outfitting them before they go out on the road.

Most useful model: Displays. Top for displaying our most beautiful boards for sale, to be able to take them out easily, to store them…

Rack Mural Vertical 10 Planches, Présentoir Vertical Simple and Chevalet Rack Ta Board

ImageHow did you hear about Rack Ta Board?

Gildas Capelle, from GC Outdoor Diffusion who introduced me to Tom for a collaboration.

ImageOn a personal note, what made each member of the team want to start surfing and when did you start?

Matthieu : I started bodyboarding in the early 90s I have always loved board and water sports and I love the communion with nature and the ocean in this practice which remains for me a leisure activity. I am just starting the longboard now, together with my children.

Coralie : I started surfing 3 years ago and I love the connection it creates with the ocean, this natural element of untold vastness. To be able to find yourself and feel free!

ImageIf everyone had to choose just one place on earth to surf/skate it would be?

Matthieu : Chicama in Peru for this endless left accessible to all levels

Coralie : Imsouane in Morocco and its legendary right that never stops!

ImageWhat is your favourite surf spot in your life (for each team member)?

Matthieu : The Papara beach break in Tahiti.
Coralie : Cabuya , Costa Rica. A superb left to longboard where one rubs shoulders with the turtles who come to bask in the water at 30 degrees.

Chevalet Rack Ta Board with boards Zeus x Cabianca

Image A final word?

I am really happy to have equipped my shop with Rack ta Board, it is a really qualitative, practical and aesthetic product.
I will soon continue to embellish my shop with new racks for skates and skim.

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