Rack ta Board

What is Rack ta board?

ImageComment est venue l’idée ?

Début d’automne 2017 :

After a surf session, I was looking for an efficient way to store my board. That’s when the idea came up to create storage systems for our surfing, kitesurfing, etc. equipment. The project was therefore to make practical, aesthetic and evolving storage furniture, called “Rack”, for all the board sports practised in the world, which could be adapted to everyone.

ImageLa conception :

I thought long and hard about rack design by making various prototypes… cardboard, plastic, aluminiumand then I found the best way to design my first rack which is made of wood, so I was able to do our first tests.

I have surrounded myself with the best in the wood, cork and cordage sector in order to implement all my projects.

It has taken me more than two years to offer you products that are qualitative, environmentally friendly, artisanal, designed & made in France!


ImageQuel est le concept de Rack ta Board ?

To start this adventure I set myself some watchwords: simple, practical, fun, easy to assemble and disassemble, move and store, modular and innovative.

Le concept de Rack Ta Board est donc d’apporter une solution de rangement efficace.

I make racks to store boards, from surfing to kitesurfing to skateboarding. But my products are not necessarily dedicated solely to the world of snowboarding.

I also offer all kinds of different products in different categories.

Rack ta Board is a Made in France and eco-responsible brand that respects the environment.

ImageMade in France & Rack ta Board :

Yes, you can imagine that I’m going to talk to you about Made in France!

As you can understand, from the very beginning of the project, Made in France has been important to me. The idea was simple, design products and also manufacture them in France so that my project makes sense.

I have chosen to work with trusted local companies who can guarantee me noble and quality materials while guaranteeing their origin.

I absolutely wanted my products to be French, despite the high costs, in order to reduce the environmental impact by limiting transport with noble and eco-friendly products.

“Every day Rack ta Board makes every effort to study and reduce the environmental impact of the materials used, from their procurement to their design and recycling.”


ImageWhat materials do I use?

Let me explain very briefly:

So I think you know all about the materials I use now!

We haven’t talked about this, but how did I come up with the idea of calling my brand Rack ta Board?

ImageWhy the name Rack ta Board?

It was an obvious choice when we created our first products.

ImageRACK is a form for tidying up.

ImageTA is the French touch.

ImageBOARD is the nickname we give to our boards.

Quite simply!

ImageWho is Rack ta Board for?

In general, the brand reaches people who practice a board sport but not only. I am expanding to reach other worlds with different products. There are individuals, but also professionals like shops and surf schools…

ImageRack ta Board’s Ambitions with a capital A because I see great things:

The goal is to expand and diversify the product categories and ranges while still respecting my concept, creating a versatile, removable and super functional product!

I would like to include the world of skiing in my catalogue in order to offer you all types of racks dedicated to the world of skiing. I already offer a whole range of surf, skate, foil, paddle, kite…

My goal is to advise and guide more and more shops that want to equip themselves with Rack Ta Board racks, to have a customer experience that is unique to each store and to develop more and more demand for customisation.

Continue to offer my products on our e-commerce site as well as through resellers in France and Europe!

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