News from the beginning of 2023 in surfing

Today we take a look at the latest news since the beginning of the year in the surfing world.

ImageMarcio Freire’s accident in Nazaré

The surfing world is in mourning. Brazilian Marcio Freire, 47, lost his life on Thursday 5 January in Portugal, while surfing on the spot of Nazaré (Portugal). Several professionals from around the world, present in Nazaré, paid tribute to Marcio Freire.  ” wrote the same Nic Von Rupp in a story on Instagram. “I always had a lot of respect for Marcio.”(…) Today I saw him surfing all day in Nazaré with a huge smile. It is with this smile that I will remember him 

ImageThe Billabong Pro Pipeline 

The Billabong Pro Pipeline ended on February 8th with two new champions crowned with flowers.

On one side, five-time world champion Carissa Moore, on the other, Jack Robinson which is starting its third season on the CT. Both won the Billabong Pro Pipeline.

In the final, the Hawaiian beat two-time world champion Tyler Wright, while young Jack Robinsona defeated Leonardo Fioravanti.

ImageHurley Pro Sunset

The male and female surfers put on a great show on the final day of the Hurley Pro Sunset on February 19, with Brazil’s Filipe Toledo and Molly Picklum walking away with the impressive trophy.

Long straights gave the competitors the opportunity to show what they could do, much to the delight of the fans. The duels that took place during the final stages were memorable, for a colourful start to the season! 

ImageJohanne Defay injured

Johanne Defay, wpml_nbspnumber 3 in the world wpml_nbsand France’s representative on the women’s CT had towpml_nbspwithdra wwpml_nbsfor the first two events (the Billabong Pro Pipeline and the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach , in February)

The reason for this was an  injury  that occurred during training five weeks ago. The woman from Reunion broke the metatarsals of her right foot (a part of the foot’s skeleton, made up of 5 bones) in a fall. In 10 years on the Tour, this is the first time the surfer will miss a competition due to injury.

If things go well, she could be back on her feet for the European stage of the Tour, which will take place in  Portugal from  8 to 16 March.

ImageShark attacks in Noumea

Three swimmers have been bitten in three weeks on New Caledonian beaches. These attacks are rare and can be avoided by taking a few precautions.

The beaches near Noumea are enchanting. How can you not fall under the spell of Lemon Bay or the quiet Vata Cove? But since the end of January, three attacks have been recorded in New Caledonia. An Australian tourist who was swimming 150 metres from the shore, near a pontoon, at Château Royal beach, even  lost his life on 19 February.

ImageDon’t forget the next meetings:

– MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal (Portugal): March 8 – 16
– Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach (Australia): April 4 – 14
– Margaret River Pro (Australia): April 20 – 30
Mid-season Cut: from 36 male and 18 female surfers to 24 male and 12 female surfers
– Surf Ranch Pro (USA): May 27 – 28
– Surf City El Salvador Pro presented by Corona (El Salvador): June 9 – 18
– Rio Pro presented by Corona (Brazil): June 23 – July 1
– Corona Open J-Bay (South Africa): July 13 – 22
– SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro (French Polynesia): August 11 – 20
The top 5 male and 5 female surfers qualify for the finals
– Rip Curl WSL Finals (Lower Trestles, USA): September 7 – 15
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