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Meet our surfer Lucas Jacques, who tells us about his career, his ambitions, and even his phobias 😉 Lucas is supported by Rack Ta Board. His personality and commitment were an immediate match for our brand. Also recently sponsored by Picture, Lucas has been competing in a number of competitions and continues to progress in the world of snowboarding.


Image Who are you? Can you introduce yourself?

I am Lucas Jacques, I was born on March 15, 2001, and I am currently 21 years old. I lived in the North of France all my youth, I was born there in Picardie, I did a lot of judo when I was young, then I started surfing and skating in Picardie. I currently practice a large number of nautical activities, surfing remaining my main activity, which I practice most regularly, and in which I evolve the most.


Image When and how did you start surfing?

I started surfing at a very young age, when I was at school in Picardy. Our PE classes included surfing, as there had been a surf club for years close to the school, and one of our PE teachers, Simon Gautier, trained us to surf So I can say that I started thanks to three people, who gave me all the keys to have fun and progress in good conditions: Vincent Gillard , Vincent Desbonnet and Simon Gautier. They have been a great influence in the person I have become, as a passionate surfer.


Image What type of board do you use most often?

I am currently using a board from the Giga Surfboard range. It is a brand that originated in Vanuatu, Australia. This brand was created by two Frenchmen, Fanny and Thomas. They produce in Australia and in France, in the Landes at Moliets. Among the whole range, I surf on almost all models: from the triple XS range to the XL model. Their range is based on the same principle as tee shirt sizes. For my part I surf on a 5.8 in double XS for 26 litres.

Image What do you think are the qualities to be a good surfer?

For me the qualities to be a good surfer are very simple. It is based on 4 pillars: you have to be passionate, resilient, courageous and above all unstoppable. But I think these four pillars are part of the love we have for this sport. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself.


Image If you had to choose only one place on earth to surf, the place of your dreams, where would it be?

In the Solomon Islands, over New Caledonia and Vanuatu. It is the ideal spot for a large number of people who dream of adventure, but also of solitude in our activity.


Image Do you have a surfer/rider who inspires you?

I don’t have a surfer/rider who inspires me, but I do have a sportsman who inspires me a lot. Je n’ai pas un ou une surfeuse/ rider qui m’inspire, en revanche j’ai un sportif qui m’inspire énormément. He had a philosophy in sport but also in everything he did that was truly magnificent. So Kobe Bryant is an inspiration!


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Image What is the competition you would like to participate in?

I would love to participate in the Pipe Master, which is a stage of the TC. The wave stage at Hawaii Pipe would be the ultimate competition for me. It’s a wave I’ve always dreamed of, when I was a kid and watched Blue Crush. It’s a wave that makes me shake and breathe.


Image Have you ever been apprehensive / afraid of a wave or a spot?

It sounds quite funny but when I started surfing when I was younger, it took me a long time to get comfortable in the water, I even had a phobia of the water. In the end I overcame this fear and I am here today, and now it has become my element. So any apprehensions or fears are healthy in any case, and can be overcome. After that, fear should not be confused with panic. So for me, here is a little anecdote that not many people know, but I had a phobia of water when I started surfing, and if I was put in the middle of the ocean, I would have a total crisis, I would suffocate halfway and I would totally panic!


Image Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I have a vision in my head of where I see myself in 10 years time but I’ll keep it to myself. On the other hand I can just answer a simple question, where do I see myself in 10 years? In the water! Always 🙂


Image How did you hear about Rack Ta Board? What is your favourite product at Rack Ta Board ?

I got to know Rack Ta Board through social networks about 3 years ago. Tom gave me a presentation of his articles and I was really hooked! So I have in my possession the Rack Ta Board easel, which allows me to repair my surfboards when I need them, but also to present my gear to my friends. For me, the easel is the essential support to have at home as a surfer.


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Image What is the most important thing you can reduce in your daily life to limit your ecological impact on the planet?

We have a sport where, depending on where we are, we have to drive regularly, and therefore use our cars. Which pollutes a lot… so in my own way I try to use my car as little as possible. I try to get around mostly by skateboard. It’s a way for me to take care of the planet. I increase my travel time by two or three, but I use my legs and that’s not so bad for the planet but also for me!



Image What message would you like to give to someone who wants to start surfing?


Just one thing: have fun! And above all, no matter where it takes you, don’t forget to always have fun because that’s really the most important thing.


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