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Some questions to : MD Surfboards


This week we highlight our partners and workshop neighbours, MD Surfboards. Committed and eco-friendly brand founded in 2014 by Malo Douver. An appointment with Antoine De Pierrefeu, who took the time to answer some questions about the brand.


Image Who are you? (Short presentation of the brand, start of activity, location etc.)

It all started in 2014, in his parents’ garage where Malo decided to found MD Surfboard. He then moved to the port of Saint Malo where he continued to develop his brand. It will move to the rue Claude Bernard premises in 2021, where we are located today. There are 5 of us in the team, Malo, Sébastien, Jules, Raph and myself.


ImageCan you describe your brand? ( Concept, values etc. )

We make no concessions on performance, which we believe is essential. We focus on the durability and strength of our boards. We prefer to produce in France, in order to limit the ecological impact, and to reduce the distance between production and use. The brand is the founder of Responsible Snowboarding, society and the environment are our raison d’être.


Image Can you describe a typical day at Md Surfboard?

Arrival at 8am for the team, everyone takes up their role, while working as a team. We communicate informally throughout the day, in order to move forward in harmony, while maintaining a certain degree of autonomy.


Image How do you store your board in your shop?

Thanks to Rack Ta Board of course!


Image Your favourite/most useful model at rack ta board?

The most exposed is the Simple Vertical Display. This model highlights the boards perfectly, so it is ideal for showcasing our models in the shop, or at a trade show.

To discuss with the customer, we prefer the Chevalet Rack Ta Board, which is more suitable for presenting a board, as the board, once placed on it, can be turned over, or laid in different ways. This model is ideal for the customer to “examine” the board.

For storage, we use the Waves Rack, which are perfect for storing the boards neatly, but also for transporting them as they are compatible with van transport for example.

Personally, I don’t have a rack at home yet, but I’m seriously considering it because I appreciate the effectiveness of the products!



Image So how did you hear about Rack Ta Board?

Two years ago, Gildas Capelle, Rack ta Board’s sales agent, put us in touch with him because we were looking for eco-friendly furniture. We placed an order and Tom came to deliver.

He was looking for premises to develop his business and grow his brand. After a 15-minute discussion, we realised that we shared the same values and that it was a good match. He had many ideas, and we had the structure, together we could continue to develop a project that made sense. We didn’t hesitate and went for it!


Image What made you want to start surfing?

Raphaël : at 8 years old, a friend introduced me to body boarding


Sébastien: I started when I was 17, thanks to friends who introduced me to surfing, which allowed me to change my life


Malo :Sensations ( at 12 )


Jules :My big brother ( 9 years old )


Image If you had to choose only one place on earth to surf/skate (ride) it would be?

Antoine: Personally, I don’t fly anymore for ecological reasons, so I would say Les Ebihens here in Brittany, or Les Minquiers for riding.


Raphael: New Zealand




Malo :Tuamotu Islands


Jules :Bali



Image Your favourite surf spot in your life?

Raphaël : Quiberon


Sébastien : Les casernes


Malo : Towards royan and surroundings


Jules : Morocco



Image Future projects for Md Surfboard ?

We will soon be recruiting a sander, as well as a lather. We are also working on the national expansion of the brand. We want to continue to develop our project on a larger scale and promote responsible skiing.


Image A final word for the end?

Md Surfboards as a place to research the most environmentally friendly, robust design processes without compromising on performance. We try to choose the least harmful options, in full transparency. We don’t do it for the success, but because the world needs it.


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