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Some questions to : OAX Surf

Today, we meet Matthieu, founder of OAX surf, which offers cork grips, an ecological alternative to wax for surfboards.
logo OAX surf - rack ta board

ImageWho are you?

OAX is one year old, and we offer a range of 100% natural, self-adhesive cork grips that allow surfers to stop waxing a surfboard. An effective, aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution in a very simple to install format. After several months of study, research and development, we now manufacture and distribute our products from the Loire Atlantique.


ImageHow would you describe your brand?

Sport, wellness and nature are the lifeblood of Oax. Commitments supported by strong ecological values for a more eco-responsible surfing.


oax surf - rack ta board

ImageWhat is a typical day at OAX?

Our priority is the sale of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Development is also at the heart of our approach. Our days are full of management, communication, organisation and production activities.
A typical day would be as follows:

A sports session,
A good coffee!
Shop follow-up and order processing
Client prospecting
Shipment of parcels
Development and research of new products
A teaspoon of social media
A surf session with customers and friends to test the new products.


ImageHow do you store your boards at home or in your workshop?

I store three boards on an easel when I make vents. Most of the time it lies flat in the bottom of the trunk ready to be used when I travel.


ImageWhat is your favourite/most useful model at Rack Ta Board?

We frequently use the “Rack Ta Board” trestle to equip boards. It is an essential accessory for working at the right height to equip a board. It is very practical, aesthetic, functional, easily dismantled and transported. It also allows 3 boards to be presented on the same support. It’s great for trade fairs or workshops at our customers’ premises.


chevalet rack ta board - oax surf

ImageHow did you hear about Rack Ta Board?

I met Antoine de Pierrefeu from MD Surfboards who put me in touch with Tom. We immediately found common ground in our shared activities and passions. The work of wood, cork, the technicality and aesthetics of our products, the surf and the ocean of course.


ImageA titre personnel, qu’est-ce qui t’a donné l’envie de te mettre au surf et quand as tu commencé ?

After miles of sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, it was during a trip to Bali at the age of 31 that I got my first surfing lesson from an Indonesian who was renting boards on Kuta Beach.


ImageIf you had to choose only one place on earth to surf/skate it would be?

The Canaries “Fuerteventura” for surfing and surf-skating.


ImageWhat is your favourite surf spot in your life?

Bud Bud at sunset.


ImageA final word?

More surf, less waste, we can all take up the challenge together!
Forget WAX, switch to OAX, more fun, less wax!


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